American Society of Civil Engineers

Some Expert System Applications in Geotechnical Engineering

by Teresa M. Adams, (Carnegie Mellon Univ, United States), Paul Christiano, (Carnegie Mellon Univ, United States), and Chris Hendrickson, (Carnegie Mellon Univ, United States)

pp. 885-902

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Foundation Engineering: Current Principles and Practices
Abstract: Knowledge-based expert systems (KBES) represent a new technology for computer-aided engineering. These systems can be useful in situations which involve expert judgments for effective problem solving, as is so often the case in geotechnical engineering. This paper reviews some recent applications in geotechnical engineering, including site characterization, foundation design, retaining wall failure diagnosis and rehabilitation design. Prototype KBES for each of these applications are described. Prospects for widespread application of KBES are reviewed.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Artificial intelligence
Expert systems
Geotechnical engineering
Retaining structures

Author Keywords:
Artificial Intelligence--Expert Systems
Expert Judgment - Geotechnical Engineering - Knowledge-Based Expert Systems - Site Characterization