American Society of Civil Engineers

Analysis for the Seismic Response of Liquid Containers

by S. Natsiavas, (Arizona State Univ, United States)

pp. 458-467

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Seismic Engineering: Research and Practice
Abstract: An analytical model is presented for the nonlinear response of fluid containers whose bottom may separate from and lift off their foundation, during base excitation. First, the hydrodynamic problem is solved in closed form, for the most general motion of the structure. Then, the equations of motion of the system are derived by applying Hamilton’s Principle. During this procedure, the uplifting behavior is modeled by an appropriate rotational spring, placed between the foundation and the bottom of the tank. Effects due to ground flexibility, shell flexibility and liquid sloshing effects are also included. Using this model, results are obtained and compared with experimental data. Buckling of scale model tanks during experiments is investigated.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Cylindrical tanks
Fluid-structure interactions
Hydrodynamic pressure
Scale models
Seismic effects

Author Keywords:
Equations of Motion - Foundations--Earthquake Resistance - Hydrodynamics--Fluid Structure Interaction - Structural Analysis--Dynamic Response
Liquid Containers - Liquid Sloshing - Seismic Response - Tank Buckling - Uplifting Behavior