American Society of Civil Engineers

Dynamic Characterization of Posttensioned Rods in Stressed Timber Systems

by J. E. Stephens, (West Virginia Univ, United States), H. V. S. GangaRao, (West Virginia Univ, United States), and V. Govindaraj, (West Virginia Univ, United States)

pp. 1019-1028

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Structural Design, Analysis and Testing
Abstract: A new approach is presented to monitor the levels of force in posttensioning rods in stressed timber systems. The dynamic response of the rod under an impact load is characterized and then correlated with the level of tension in the rod. This approach is simpler and faster than existing techniques and is intended for use during routine structural inspections.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Bridge inspection
Dynamic response
Impact loads
Post tensioning
Timber construction
Wooden bridges

Author Keywords:
Structural Analysis
Bridges, Wood--Prestressed - Bridges--Testing - Materials Testing--Impact - Wooden Construction--Monitoring
Dynamic Characterization - Postensioning Forces Loss - Posttensioned Rods - Stressed Timber Bridges - Stressed Timber Systems