American Society of Civil Engineers

Buckling of Variable Cross-Section Columns

by Moshe Eisenberger, (Carnegie Mellon Univ, United States) and Yoram Reich, (Carnegie Mellon Univ, United States)

pp. 443-451

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Steel Structures
Abstract: An approximate solution for the problem of buckling of variable cross-section columns, loaded by variable axial force is given, for several boundary conditions. Both the cross-section bending stiffness and the axial load can vary along the column as a polynomial expression. The proposed approximate solution converges rapidly to the exact solution, and allows us to model general polynomial variations of properties along the column. Elastic restraints, simulating connecting members can be introduced easily. Several examples are given and compared to published results to demonstrate the accuracy and flexibility of the method.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Cross sections
Axial loads

Author Keywords:
Mathematical Models - Steel Structures--Structural Analysis
Compression Members - Elastic Restraints - Flexural Stiffness - Tapered Columns