American Society of Civil Engineers

A View from the Middle — Water Quality Act of 1987: Problems and Possibilites for the Design Professional

by Michael T. Llewelyn, (Wisconsin Nonpoint Source Program, United States)

pp. 109-110

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Design of Urban Runoff Quality Controls
Abstract: Stormwater management has traditionally been viewed as a water quantity concern. The Clean Water Act requirement for future permitting of stormwater discharges will dramatically alter the engineering communities approach to stormwater management design since an increased emphasis will be placed on minimizing the physical, chemical and biological impacts of stormwater discharges to surface and ground water. State water quality agencies will be required to develop new approaches to permitting systems to accommodate stormwater management into municipal and industrial discharger’s permits. Stromwater will not be viewed as a nonpoint source problem in the future. Additional aspects of the subject are discussed.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Nonpoint pollution
Clean Water Act
Stormwater management
Water quality

Author Keywords:
Environmental Protection
Water Pollution--Water Quality
Best Management Practices - Discharge Permits - Stormwater Management - Water Quality Act of 1987 - Water Quality Agencies