American Society of Civil Engineers

Rolling Fours Novel Work Schedule

by Charles H. Gould, M.ASCE, (Assoc. Prof. of Civ. Engrg., New Jersey Inst. of Tech., Newark, NJ 07102; formerly, Sr. Vice Pres., Mergentime Corp., Flemington, NJ 08822)

Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, Vol. 114, No. 4, December 1988, pp. 577-593, (doi:

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Document type: Journal Paper
Abstract: Rolling fours is a work scheduling scheme that will shorten the duration of the construction phase of a project by approximately 30–45%. It calls for working every calendar day, but avoids personnel fatigue by cycling two different groups of employees every four days. The history, application, terminology, work-hours, scheduling, wage and salary rates, and pertinent statutes related to rolling fours are discussed. Organization and management of an actual project are presented. Actual progress employing two ten-hour shifts per day under a rolling fours schedule is compared to the originally planned two ten-hour shifts, five days per week schedule. 46% more work was performed using rolling fours than would have been performed under the original schedule.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Working conditions
Construction management
Personnel management