American Society of Civil Engineers

Free-Standing Stairs with Slabless Tread-Risers

by Himat T. Solanki

Journal of the Structural Division
, Vol. 101, No. 8, August 1975, pp. 1733-1738

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Document type: Technical Note
Abstract: A freestanding stair with slabless tread-risers could be architecturally attractive. The analysis of freestanding stairs has been studied by Fuchssteiner, Szabo, Leibenberg, Siev, Sauter, Taleb, Susens and Kuang, Gould, and others. A staircase, with slabless tread-risers is one that creates architectural attractive effects. The analysis of this latter type of stairs has been studied by Saenz and Martin, Benjamin, Cusens, and others. This paper presents the analysis of a stair type that combines the two foregoing features. The case of symmetrical load of fixed ends is illustrated. This type of stair consists of an upper and lower flight and a landing slab with uniform thickness. The entire structure is an ordinary reinforced construction.

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