American Society of Civil Engineers

Dynamic Considerations in Latticed Structures

by Task Committee on Latticed Structures under Extreme Dynamic Loads of the Committee on Special Structures of the Committee on Metals of the Structural Division, ASCE

Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 110, No. 10, October 1984, pp. 2547-2550, (doi:

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Document type: Technical Note
Abstract: Information is presented to stimulate discussion that might promote a better understanding of the design of latticed structures for dynamic conditions. The report includes a survey of collapse or distortion failures and serviceability failures. Tentative conclusions, based on the published literature, are: (1) The dynamic characteristics of latticed structures have not been identified as a major factor in structural failures; and (2) fatigue of the roof membrane or connections induced by small vibrations appears to be no more of a problem for latticed structures than for other types of long span roof structures.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Dynamic loads
Roof failures