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Application of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Additives for Asphalt Pavement with Long-Steep Slope

by Zenghong Li, (Zibo Highway Administrative Bureau, 7 Gongqingtuan Road, Zibo, 255038, Shandong, China. E-mail:, Fa Che, (Zibo Highway Administrative Bureau, 7 Gongqingtuan Road, Zibo, 255038, Shandong, China. E-mail:, Aixia Wang, (Liaocheng Highway Survey and Design Institute, 60 West Dongchang Road, Liaocheng, 252000, Shandong, China. E-mail:, Dong Liu, (Dezhou Highway Administrative Bureau, 1269 Middle Dongfeng Road, Dezhou, 253000, Shandong, China. E-mail:, and Jiupeng Zhang, (Key Laboratory for Special Area Highway Engineering of Ministry of Education, School of Highway, Chang’an University, South 2nd Ring Road, Xi’an, 710064, Shaanxi, China. E-mail:
Section: Pavement and Materials Engineering and Highway Maintenance, pp. 3343-3350, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: ICCTP 2011: Towards Sustainable Transportation Systems
Abstract: In order to evaluate the suitability of additives for the asphalt pavement with long-steep slope, three kinds of additives were selected to prepare asphalt mixture specimens, and the road performances of the different mixtures were also tested in laboratory. Then, the fuzzy comprehensive method was applied to evaluate the comprehensive performance of the asphalt mixtures with different additives. It is indicated that the rutting resistance of asphalt mixtures with additives is improved observably, and the other road performance can also be improved to a certain extent. The fuzzy synthesis evaluation is an available way to obtain the comprehensive property sequence of asphalt mixtures with different additives, and the comprehensive performance of asphalt mixtures with LF 8000 is the best. The research affords a reference to chose additives for asphalt pavement with long-steep slope.

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Fuzzy sets