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Application of System Safety Assessment in ETOPS Design

by Peng Wang, (Assistant Professor, Civil Aviation University of China, Department of Airworthiness Research Centre, Tianjin, 300300, China. E-mail:
Section: Volume II: Air Transportation, pp. 2047-2054, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: ICTIS 2011: Multimodal Approach to Sustained Transportation System Development: Information, Technology, Implementation
Abstract: A compliance means is proposed to satisfy additional airworthiness requirements of CCAR-25 "transport category aircraft airworthiness standard" Section 1309(b) for Extended Range Twin Engines Aircraft Operations (ETOPS) ability design. Based on typical ETOPS route characteristics of a certain type of aircraft, the general system safety assessment method is modified and optimized considering the function of time. The boundary of flight duration is established and the parameters for ETOPS safety assessment are redefined. With an engineering case of combination failure condition composed of an engine failure and the rudder system failure, a specific safety analysis model and a verification method for Section 25.1309(b) on ETOPS condition are built. The difference between the model and the general system safety assessment method is illustrated.

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Airports and airfields