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Maximum Safe Speed Calculation Model Research on Curve

by Xingwang Liu, (Road Safety Research Center, M.O.C, Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Communications, NO.8 XiTuCheng Rd. Haidian District Beijing 100088, China. E-mail:
Section: Volume I: Highway Transportation, pp. 1642-1648, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: ICTIS 2011: Multimodal Approach to Sustained Transportation System Development: Information, Technology, Implementation
Abstract: According to statistics, the truck is the vehicle that often causes accidents in the horizontal curves. This is largely because the quality of front and rear axles of vehicles is quite different in different turning radius around the axis, the centrifugal forces are different, and the operation difficulty is increased. At the same time, the vehicle operation difficulty also is closely related to vehicle speed when vehicle speed is faster, it is more difficult for vehicle to operate and traffic accidents occur. Therefore, it is necessary for curve design and controlling traffic speed to be taken into account for vehicles and road factors, the analysis is the maximum safe speed on curve. The maximum safe speed calculation model on curve is set up by considering the vehicle wheelbase, load quality factor, radius and super elevation factors. The model can be used to inspect curve radius and super elevation and to determine the speed limit value.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Traffic speed
Traffic safety