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Emergency Rescue System of Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel-Bridge

by Min Chen, (School of Transportation Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China; postcode: 201804; and SEARI Intelligent System Co., Ltd.; 505 Wuning Road, Shanghai, China; postcode: 200063. E-mail: and Xuesong Zhang, (Wuxi Urban Planning & Research Center, Wuxi, China; postcode: 214031. E-mail:
Section: Intelligent Transportation Systems and Technology, pp. 2247-2254, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: ICCTP 2010: Integrated Transportation Systems: Green, Intelligent, Reliable
Abstract: The Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel-Bridge is a fully enclosed expressway, which is composed of Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge and Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel. The occurrence of emergency incidents is unpredictable. When an emergency occurs, if no timely or proper emergency action is taken, this may lead to more serious traffic jams or incidents. The issue of how to establish emergency rescue systems to reduce the influence of emergencies through effective and quick handling of emergencies is the main task of road traffic management. Empirical work will be applied in the paper to analyze the emergency rescue system. The main contents of the study include the following: firstly, according to the type, grade, cause and mechanism of the possible events, this paper illustrates how to use emergency rescue systems for quick and correct detection of emergencies; secondly, based on the impact of emergencies, this paper formulates emergency plans for some possible events to coordinate and command internal and external source of the Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel-Bridge for quick and correct responses to incidents which have already occurred, and finally, this paper analyzes the modules and the business process of emergency response software.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Emergency management
Yangtze River