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An Empirical Study on the Arrangement of Truck Ownership in Trucking Enterprises

by Honglei Ge, (Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, Postcode 315100, No.1, Xuefu Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, PRC. E-mail:
Section: Transportation Management, Operation Technology and Systems, pp. 1428-1434, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: ICCTP 2010: Integrated Transportation Systems: Green, Intelligent, Reliable
Abstract: It is important for trucking enterprises to arrange truck ownership properly, which may belong to trucking enterprises or drivers. The aim of different arrangements of truck ownership is to reduce the risk of hold-up and moral hazard problems, and then save transaction costs. The attributes of truck and drivers’ behavior influence these arrangements based on surveys and statistical analysis. When there is high specificity of driver and truck or asymmetric information in transportation coordination and transportation quality or little asymmetric information in drivers’ driving and maintenance behavior, truck enterprises tend to own trucks themselves. Otherwise the ownership of each truck by its driver is better.

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Empirical equations