American Society of Civil Engineers

Total Lateral Surcharge Pressure Due to Strip Load

by Ramon Jarquio, M.ASCE, (Civ. Engr., New York City Transit Authority, 370 Jay St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201)

Journal of the Geotechnical Engineering Division
, Vol. 107, No. 10, October 1981, pp. 1424-1428

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Document type: Technical Note
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Discussion: by Jorgen S. Steenfelt and et al.    (See full record)
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Abstract: This paper is presented to show that a direct solution for the total lateral surcharge pressure can be derived by mathematical manipulation of the variables in the given equation for the unit lateral surcharge pressure. Simplified expressions for the location of the centroid of the total lateral surcharge pressure and the point of maximum unit lateral pressure are also derived to complete the analysis.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Lateral pressure
Retaining structures
Structural analysis