American Society of Civil Engineers

Superconducting Levitation of High Speed Vehicles

by Vincent D. Arp, (Physicist, Cryogenics Div., NBS, Boulder, CO), Alan F. Clark, (Physicist, Cryogenics Div., NBS, Boulder, CO), and Thomas M. Flynn, (Chemical Engr., Cryogenics Div., NBS, Boulder, CO)

Transportation Engineering Journal of ASCE
, Vol. 99, No. 4, November 1973, pp. 873-885

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Document type: Journal Paper
Abstract: The current status (December 1972) of worldwide research on high speed ground transportation techniques is reviewed. Particular attention is given to studies of magnetic levitation using superconducting magnets, including comparison with alternative magnetic techniques and with air suspension systems. Superconducting levitation appears to be a strong contender. The U.S. Department of Transportation hopes to select in the late 1970s the best of the possible levitation techniques for subsequent advanced development. Cryogenic engineering research needed in support of major development of a superconducting levitated system is identified.

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