American Society of Civil Engineers

The Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Members

by Joint ASCE-ACI Task Committee 426 on Shear and Diagonal Tension of the Committee on Masonry and Reinforced Concrete of the Structural Division, ASCE

Journal of the Structural Division
, Vol. 99, No. 6, June 1973, pp. 1091-1187

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Document type: Journal Paper
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Abstract: This report reviews the present (1973) state-of-the-art in the knowledge of the shear strength and behavior of reinforced and prestressed concrete beams, deep beams, brackets, and other members. Although design criteria are discussed, specific design recommendations have not been made in this report. Chapter 1 introduces the report and briefly reviews the more important types of shear failures. Chapter 2 discusses the basic mechanisms of shear transfer in reinforced concrete members. Chapter 3 deals with beams. The first half of this chapter describes the behavior and strength of beams failing in shear.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Prestressed concrete
Reinforced concrete
Shear strength