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Damage Assessment of Houses and Buildings from an Engineering Point of View

by Charles R. Norman, P.E., (Consulting Engineer, Private Practice, and Former Professor at McNeese State University, Lake Charles E-mail: LA,
Section: Investigative Methodology, pp. 577-586, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Forensic Engineering 2009: Pathology of the Built Environment
Abstract: This paper addresses methods of assessing damage to buildings and houses based on an engineering approach that utilizes forensics along with codes and standards to determine the extent of the damage. The various causations of the damage include wind, fire, floods, earthquakes and blasts. A general approach to the examination of the risks is outlined, and the elements that a report should contain are addressed. Emphasis is placed on the decisive role that corroborating information plays in determining the extent and the proximate cause of damage.

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