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APM Feasibility Study for the Vienna Central Station Development Area

by Heimo Krappinger, (Associate, AXIS Ingenieurleistungen, Rainergasse 4, 1040 Vienna E-mail:
Section: Major Activity Centers, pp. 151-163, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Automated People Movers 2009: Connecting People, Connecting Places, Connecting Modes
Abstract: In 2013 the new Vienna Main Railway Station will be constructed on the location of the old Vienna Southern and Eastern Railway Stations which will be demolished. A large section of the area of the old stations, north of the new Railway Station, will be available for development (500,000 square-meter / 5.4 mill. square feet of gross floor area). This paper focuses on the feasibility of different public transport systems (PT systems) as supplementary systems to the existing and already planned PT systems (tram, bus and S-Bahn) for this area. The main target was a better connection between the development area, the new Main Railway Station and the Underground Station of Line U1 (Südtirolerplatz). Four different PT systems (conveyor belt / moving walkway, APM, tram bus) were compared and finally the cable driven pinched-loop system (multiple vehicles with a short headway and a detachable grip system) was chosen as the preferred alternative. In a second stage this system was further investigated and additional routes worked out. Currently the stakeholders (City of Vienna, Austrian Railway Company ÖBB and the developers) negotiate the financing of the project.

ASCE Subject Headings:
People movers
Railroad stations
Feasibility studies