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Effect of Restraint on Behavior of Inverted Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shells under Unbalanced Live Loads

by Byoung-Jun Lee, (Whitlock Dalrymple Poston & Associates, Manassas, VA E-mail:, Keith Kesner, (WDP & Associates, South Norwalk, CT E-mail:, and John McIsaac, (WDP & Associates, Manassas, VA E-mail:
Section: Posters, pp. 1-10, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Structures Congress 2009: Don’t Mess with Structural Engineers: Expanding Our Role
Abstract: The behavior of an existing inverted hyperbolic paraboloid shell roof structure was examined. The roof of the structure was designed to support an upper level playing field. The upper level is subjected to the possibility of unbalance loads being imposed on the shell structure and supporting columns. The analyses described herein examined the effect of the uniform and unbalanced loading conditions as well as the restraint effects provided by the roof diaphragm, the number of adjacent shell modules and foundation fixity. The analyses indicated that the column moment demand in the structure was significantly influenced by the shell perimeter restraint conditions and foundation fixity when unbalanced live load conditions were present.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Hyperbolic parabolic shells
Live loads