American Society of Civil Engineers

Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering

ISSN: 0733-950X, eISSN: 1943-5460, CODEN: JWPED5
Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers, 1983-; Volume: 109-

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by American Society of Civil Engineers, Ronald Riggs, (editor-in-chief), (10/1/2013-Present; Vol. 139 No. 6-N/A), Vijay Panchang, (editor-in-chief), (1/6/2006-9/1/2013; Vol. 132 No. 1-Vol. 139 No. 5), Zeki Demirbilek, (editor-in-chief), (12/1/2000-12/5/2005; Vol. 126 No. 6-Vol. 131 No. 6), James T. Kirby, (editor-in-chief), (12/1/1996-10/1/2000; Vol. 122 No. 6-Vol. 126 No. 6), Harry H. Yeh, (editor-in-chief), (12/1/1994-10/1/1996; Vol. 120 No. 6-Vol. 122 No. 5), Nobuhisa Koba Yashi, (editor-in-chief), (12/1/1992-10/1/1994; Vol. 118 No. 6-Vol. 120 No. 5), William G. McDougal, (editor-in-chief), (2/1/1991-10/1/1992; Vol. 117 Vol. 1-Vol. 118 No. 5), Philip Li-Fan Liu, (editor-in-chief), (11/1/1988-12/1/1990; Vol. 114 No. 6-Vol. 116 No. 6), Edward F. Thompson, (editor-in-chief), (11/1/1986-9/1/1988; Vol. 112 No. 6-Vol. 114 No. 5), Tokuo Yamamoto, (editor-in-chief), (11/1/1985-9/1/1986; Vol. 111 No. 6-Vol. 112 No. 5), Jerry L. Machemehl, (editor-in-chief), (11/1/1983-9/1/1985; Vol. 109 No. 4-Vol. 11 No. 5), and Robert T. Hudspeth, (editor-in-chief), (11/1/1982-8/1/1983; Vol. 108 No. 4-Vol. 109 No. 3), Journal Code: WW

ASCE sponsor: Coast, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI)

Document type: Serial
Abstract: The Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering presents information regarding the engineering aspects of dredging, floods, ice, pollution, sediment transport, and tidal wave action that affect shorelines, waterways, and harbors. The development and operation of ports, harbors, and offshore facilities, as well as deep ocean engineering and shore protection and enhancement, are also covered. Other topics include the regulation and stabilization of rivers and the economics of beach nourishment.

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Library of Congress Subject Headings: Hydraulic engineering--Periodicals
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