American Society of Civil Engineers

Journal of Urban Planning and Development

ISSN: 0733-9488, eISSN: 1943-5444, CODEN: JUPDDM
New York, NY: American Society of Civil Engineers, 1983-; Volume: 109-

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by Edward J. Kannel, (editor), (September 1984—November 1987), David Pearson, (editor), (June 1988—September 1992), R. Ian Kingham, (editor), (December 1992—September 2010), and Gang-Len Chang, (editor), (December 2001—Present), Journal Code: UP

ASCE sponsor: Transportation and Development Institute (TDI)

Document type: Serial
Abstract: The Journal of Urban Planning and Development covers the application of civil engineering to such aspects of urban planning as area-wide transportation, the coordination of planning and programming of public works and utilities, and the development and redevelopment of urban areas. Subjects include environmental assessment, esthetic considerations, land use planning, underground utilities, infrastructure management, renewal legislation, transportation planning, and evaluation of the economic value of state parks.

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