American Society of Civil Engineers

Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering

ISSN: 0899-1561, eISSN: 1943-5533, CODEN: JMCEE7
Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers, 1989-; Volume: 1-

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by Frederick V. Lawrence, (editor), (February 1989—May 1996), P.J. Sereda, (editor), (February 1989—May 1990), V.S. Ramachandran, (editor), (August 1990—August 1994), J.J. Beaudoin, (editor), (November 1994—August 1999), Victor C. Li, (editor), (August 1996—May 1999), and Antonio Nanni, (editor), (August 1999—Present), Journal Code: MT

ASCE sponsor: Construction Institute (CI)

Document type: Serial
Abstract: The Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering covers the development, processing, evaluation, applications, and performance of construction materials in civil engineering.

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