American Society of Civil Engineers

Journal of Geotechnical Engineering

ISSN: 0733-9410, eISSN: 1944-8368, CODEN: JGENDZ
New York, NY: American Society of Civil Engineers, 1983-1996; Volume: 109-122

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by William F. Marcuson, III, (editor), (July 1981—September 1982) and Robert D. Hotlz, (editor), (October 1982—May 1984), Journal Code: GT

ASCE sponsor: Geo-Institute (G-I)

Document type: Serial
Abstract: Journal of Geotechnical Engineering covers the field of soil mechanics and foundations, with special emphasis on the relationship between the geologic environmental and man-made works. Computer applications are also examined. Topics include dynamic responses of foundations, earth retaining structures, earth-supported structures, and dam construction and slope stability, as well as soil failures and their solutions.

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