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Disintegration Characteristics of Red Sandstone and Its Filling Methods for Highway Roadbed and Embankment

by Ming-Hua Zhao, (Prof., Coll. of Civ. Engrg., Hunan Univ., Changsha, Hunan 410082, P. R. China. E-mail:, Xin-Jun Zou, (Coll. of Civ. Engrg., Hunan Univ., Changsha, Hunan 410082, P. R. China. E-mail:, and Patrick X. W. Zou, (Assoc. Lect., Fac. of Built Environment, The Univ. of New South Wales, Sydney NSW 2052, Australia. E-mail:

Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, Vol. 19, No. 5, May 2007, pp. 404-410, (doi:

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Document type: Journal Paper
Abstract: The properties of red sandstone, such as structures and compositions and disintegration characteristics, were investigated through a series of tests including laboratory tests, a large-scale simulated experimental test, and tests in a section of a highway in China. With the disintegration tests, red sandstone was classified according to its engineering properties. With the understanding of the properties of red sandstone, the filling methods, and the construction techniques of roadbeds and embankments, including quality control and quality examination with associated criteria, were developed. This paper confirmed that these techniques can be successfully applied to solve a series of difficult problems in highway construction in red sandstone regions with considerable potential economical benefits and significant technological and engineering values.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Construction methods
Highways and roads