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Instrumentation and Accelerated Testing on Louisiana Flexible Pavements

by Zhong Wu, (Research Assistant Professor, Louisiana Transportation Research Center, 4101 Gourrier Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70808, E-mail:, Zhongjie Zhang, (Pavement Geotechnical Research Administrator, Louisiana Transportation Research Center, E-mail:, Bill King, (Pavement Research Facility Manager, Louisiana Transportation Research Center, E-mail:, Amar Raghavendra, (Research Associate, Louisiana Transportation Research Center, E-mail:, and Mark Martinez, (Pavement Research Engineer, Louisiana Transportation Research Center, E-mail:
Section: Modeling and Analysis Techniques, pp. 119-130, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Airfield and Highway Pavement: Meeting Today’s Challenges with Emerging Technologies
Abstract: Three flexible pavement test sections were constructed at the Louisiana Pavement Research Facility on December 2004. Each section had a similar 50-mm thick Superpave wearing course but with various base and subbase layers. One objective of this study was to instrument and measure responses under accelerated loading on each test section with (a) multi-depth deflectometers (MDD) at six vertical locations, and (b) pressure cells on the top of subbase and subgrade. The field instrumentation data and Falling Weight Deflectomter (FWD) deflection data were collected at every 8,500 and 25,000 load repetitions, respectively. The preliminary pavement responses under wheel loading were estimated from a multi-layer elastic analysis program, ELSYM5. This paper reported (1) the instrumentation used in this study, (2) preliminary pavement performance results, (3) comparison of deflections measured from MDD and FWD; and (4) comparison of pavement responses between the measured and the predicted.

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Flexible pavements