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Sealing of Dilatation Joints with Polyurethane Resins

by Jozef Hulla, (Member of Slovak Society of Civil Engineers, Prof. Eng. DrSc., Slovak University of Technology, Department for Geotechnics, Radlinskeho 11, 81368 Bratislava, Slovak Republic), Peter Slastan, (Member of Slovak Society of Civil Engineers, Eng., CarboTech Slovakia, M.R.Stefanika 32, 01001 Zilina, Slovak Republic), and Drahomir Janicek, (Member of Czech Society of Civil Engineers, Eng., CarboTech Bohemia, Lihovarska 10, 71603 Ostrava - Radvanice, Czech Republic)
Section: Grout Mixtures and Materials, pp. 1254-1265, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Grouting and Ground Treatment
Abstract: Shortly after putting into operation of the Gabcikovo Danube Project, the navigation locks began to leak. It was necessary to complete and modernise the monitoring system so that this would enable a more precise location of the leaking areas and also monitoring of efficiency of the performed rehabilitation activities. Additional sealing was done in several stages. Joints were sealed with polyurethane resins and the degraded gravel bedrock was sealed with traditional grouting.

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Water levels