American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE Substation Structure Design Guide

by Leon Kempner, Jr., (Bonncville Power Administration, Vancouver, Washington) and George T. Watson, (Reliant Energy, Houston, Texas)
Section: Design of Structures I, pp. 210-215, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Electrical Transmission in a New Age
Abstract: The purpose of the substation structure design guide is to provide a comprehensive document for the design of outdoor electrical transmission substation structures. The recommendations of this document apply to substation structures that support electrical equipment, rigid bus, and electrical cables/wires. The electrical equipment can be of significant weight and have attachments of brittle porcelain components. Specific guidelines for structural loads, deflection limits, analysis, design, fabrication, maintenance and construction of substation structures are recommended. Guidelines for the design of the structure to the foundation connections are provided. The design criteria for substation structure foundations are not covered by this document. Foundations in substations should be designed according to accepted engineering practice, the same as foundations designed for other structures. The guide addresses steel, concrete, wood, and aluminum used for the design of substation structures. Design equations are provided when reference to existing structural design documents are not appropriate or convenient. The intent of the design guide is to cover structures that are located inside the fenced area of a substation yard. The guidelines of this document may also be appropriate for structures that serve the purpose of supporting electrical equipment located outside the substation fence that are required to satisfy electrical substation design criteria.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Electric transmission lines
Structural design