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Repair Graving Dock Caisson Seating Sill Graving Dock - Naval Station, San Diego California

by Matthew N. Martinez, S.E., (Vice President, Blaylock Engineering Group, 1775 Hancock St., Suite 250, San Diego, CA 92110)
Section: Terminals & Other Waterfront Structures, pp. 1-9, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Ports ’01: America’s Ports: Gateway to the Global Economy
Abstract: The graving dock facility is a reinforced concrete structure used to dry dock a variety of small-to-medium size naval ships for repair purposes. After more than fifty years of service life, the structural integrity of the concrete surfaces supporting the vertical sides of the caisson was questioned because of cracking, spalling and general deterioration of the concrete. This paper describes the challenges and methodology used for the field investigations, design issues and construction difficulties successfully addressed during repair of the inner and outer seats.

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