American Society of Civil Engineers

Innovative Erosion Control Technology in Florida

by Paden E. Woodruff, (Environmental Administrator, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida 32399) and Robert G. Dean, (Professor, Department of Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering, 336 Weil Hall, Gainesville, Florida 32611)
Section: Part V Coastal, Estuarine, and Environmental Problems, pp. 3853-3860, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Coastal Engineering 2000
Abstract: The Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for permitting activities within the coastal system pursuant to Chapter 161, Florida Statutes. Pursuant to Section 161.082, Florida Statutes, the Department is directed to periodically review innovative technologies for beach nourishment and, on a limited basis, authorize, through the permitting process, experimental projects that are alternatives to traditional dredge and fill projects to determine the most effective and less costly techniques for beach nourishment. Pursuant to Section 161.101, Florida Statutes, the Department is authorized to sponsor or cosponsor demonstration projects of new or innovative technologies which have the potential to reduce project costs, conserve beach quality sand, extend the life of beach nourishment projects, and improve inlet sand bypassing. Prior to 1989 the State of Florida lacked an organized program to facilitate the development and assessment of projects that because of their nature were considered experimental. Many projects which were permitted by the Department of Environmental Protection, (formally the Department of Natural Resources) did not contain adequate safeguards to ensure acceptable performance, or at a minimum to ensure that adverse impacts to the coastal system would be mitigated. Any project performance monitoring which was required, many times was not properly designed due to lack of statutory authority or administrative rules which could require a comprehensive experimental test plan.

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Shore protection
Coastal management
Beach nourishment