American Society of Civil Engineers

Pipeline Condition Assessment Technology

by Tom Iseley, (Blackhawk-PAS)
Section: Session 2C: Pipeline Life-Cycle Management, pp. 146-155, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Environmental and Pipeline Engineering 2000
Abstract: The National Science Foundation (NSF) has estimated the total U.S. investment in civil infrastructure systems at $US20 trillion. The investment in our sanitary sewer collection systems represents a major component of this overall investment. Many of these systems are eroding due to aging, excessive demand, misuse, exposure, mismanagement and neglect. Historically, sanitary sewer collection system rehabilitation has been prompted primarily by responding to failures rather than attempting to prevent them. More municipal engineers are realizing the public health and safety as well as cost benefits that can be achieved with a proactive sewer system management system. The objective of an effective proactive sewer system management system is not just being able to collect more data regarding the condition of the existing sewer system network. The real objective is being able to use such data to make intelligent, documentable, cost-effective decisions regarding how to rehabilitate, operate, and maintain this enormous and ever-expanding network. This paper will present state-of-the-art concepts and technology for sewer collection system data acquisition, data interpretation and utilization of the data for planning for intelligent renewal of underground sewer system rehabilitation. Most municipalities do not have the financial resources to address all of the defects identified in the data acquisition process; therefore, it is essential that data be integrated into an effective management system. This paper will be presented in two parts. The first part will focus on the state-of-the-art technology for sewer collection system condition assessment. The technology that will be featured in this part of the paper will be the Sewer Scanner and Evaluation Technology (SSET). The second part of the paper will focus on a North American technology evaluation program.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Sanitary sewers
Sewer pipes
Data collection