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Leadership and Management in Engineering

ISSN: 1532-6748, eISSN: 1943-5630, CODEN: LMEEAZ
Reston, VA: American Society of Civil Engineers, 2001-; Volume: 1-

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by American Society of Civil Engineers, William Hayden, (editor-in-chief), (4/1/2012-10/1/2013; Vol. 12 No. 3-Vol. 13 No. 4), Brian R. Brenner, (editor-in-chief), (4/1/2007-4/1/2012; Vol. 7 No. 2-Vol. 12 No. 2), Charles H. Glagola, (editor-in-chief), (4/1/2004-1/1/2007; Vol. 4 No. 2-Vol. 7 No. 1), Patty McManus, (editor-in-chief), (7/1/2003-1/1/2004; Vol. 3 No. 3-Vol. 4 No. 1), and Jeffrey S. Russell, (editor-in-chief), (1/1/2001-4/1/2003; Vol. 1 No. 1-Vol. 3 No. 2), Journal Code: LM

Document type: Serial
Abstract: Leadership and Management in Engineering, a publication of the Committee on Professional Practice, examines contemporary issues and principles of leadership and management. The focus is on understanding and application of these principles through a variety of venues within the publication, including news, brief and concise leadership and management "nuggets," and short articles of interest to practicing professionals in a variety of roles and industry segments. The focus includes, but is not limited to, individuals and public and/or private entities, small and large projects, and organizations. Areas of interest are: leadership; teamwork; communications; team building; decision making; partnering; project management; mentoring; coaching; diversity; department, branch, and office management; professional practice and development; budgeting; financial management; productivity management and tools, including motivational theory, incentives, and feedback techniques; globalization; networking; change management; role and involvement in political process; local-, state-, and national-level legislative and regulatory issues; and economic and environmental sustainability.

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