American Society of Civil Engineers

Finite Element Analysis of Slope Stabilization using Piles

by Steve Laudeman, P.E., (Design/Construction Engineer, Colorado Department of Natural Resources, 6060 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80216) and Nien-Yin Chang, P.E., (Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Colorado at Denver, 1200 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado 80201)
Section: Embankments and Slopes, pp. 2000-2009, (doi:

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Document type: Conference Proceeding Paper
Part of: Geotechnical Engineering for Transportation Projects
Abstract: Slope stabilization using vertical piles has been used many times over the last thirty years to correct slope stability problems. An adequate design method for this means of stabilization must include a determination of the improvement in the stability of the slope as well as a determination of the displacements and stresses in the stabilizing piles. Many diverse methods of analysis have been proposed in the relevant civil engineering literature. A brief discussion of the current design methods is included, with a tabulated summary. Following the summary of design methods, a simple slope configuration is selected and analyzed using the finite element method. Based on this analysis, it is concluded that the finite element method appears to be an effective means to analyze this difficult problem. Typical finite element analysis results are presented and discussed.

ASCE Subject Headings:
Finite element method
Slope stability