Calendar: Bridges 2016
Featured bridges are: Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge (Irondequoit, New York); Dongshuimen Bridge (Chongqing, China); South Grand Island Bridge(s) (Grand Island, NY); Salmon Bay Bridge (Seattle,...

Mitigation of Impervious Surface Hydrology Using Bioretention in North Carolina and Maryland
As an increasingly adopted stormwater best management practice to remedy hydrologic impairment from urban imperviousness, bioretention facilities need rigorous field performance research...

Dams: Plan to Restore Salmon Calls for Removable Spillway Weirs

The Influence of Set-Up Currents on Sediment Movement behind Detached Breakwaters

Bendway Weirs and Highway Protection in Colorado: A Case Study on the Blue River

Labyrinth Weir for Dissolved Oxygen Improvement

The NU-Alden Fish By-Pass Weir

The Submerged Hydraulic Jump Downstream Sluice Weir

Features of a Chevron Weir Rock Ramp
This paper presents the features of a new type of low profile grade control structure, the chevron weir rock ramp. As the name infers, the planform of the structure is in the shape of...

Portable Flumes with Adjustable Throats
Vertically adjustable flumes for canal flow measurements address several problems in field practice. One involves the perception by some canal water users that flumes and weirs always...

High-Performance Aerating Weirs for Dissolved Oxygen Improvement

Large Storm Relief Tunnel for Basement Flood Protection

Using the Weir Back as an Energy Dissipator
The effect of weir back in energy dissipation is investigated experimentally and theoretically. The study includes four different shapes of weir back. The boundary friction force and the...

Regulation of Flow Downstream of Weirs
Reregulation weirs are one means adopted by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to provide continuous improved minimum flow and wetted area for aquatic life downstream if hydroprojects...

Calculon Weir Structure—Effective Use of Gabions

FLUME 3.0: A Computer Program for Designing Flumes and Weirs
Long-throated flumes and broad-crested weirs are becoming the preferred measuring devices for use in irrigation canals. A computer program for calibrating these flumes and weirs has been...

Chatuge Hydroproject Aerating Infuser Physical Model Study
The Tennessee Valley Authority is investigating the feasibility of a dual purpose reregulation and aeration weir to increase the dissolved oxygen in water releases and to provide continuous...

Use of Weirs for Tailwater Improvements Downstream from TVA Hydropower Dams

Performance of Prototype Aerating Weirs Downstream From TVA Hydropower Dams
TVA has constructed aerating weirs below certain of its hydropower dams to (1) increase tailwater dissolved oxygen (DO) content during generation, and (2) improve minimum flows between...

Design Methodologies for Labyrinth Weirs





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