Truss Separation Widens Historic Vermont Bridge

People: Krebs Appointed to Vermont House of Representatives

Advances in Watershed Management and Fluvial Hazard Mitigation Using Artificial Neural Networks and Remote Sensing
Watershed and channel management across spatial and temporal scales requires an informed, interdisciplinary approach by experts and stakeholders, who often have disparate goals and objectives....

Book Review: Why the Wind Blows: A History of Weather and Global Warning by Matthys Levy, P.E., F.ASCE. Hinesburg, Vermont: Upper Access, Inc., 2007

Tunnels: Railroad Lowers Floor of 150-Year-Old Vermont Tunnel

New Shear Stud Provisions for Composite Beam Design
The 2005 American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC 2005) will contain significant changes to the shear connector provisions for...

Materials: Double Mat of GFRP Debuts on Vermont Bridge

Wireless Warnings
Formwork failures cause dozens of construction-related deaths per year, but most can be avoided by adequate monitoring. The problem is, most monitors must be hard-wired to a computer on...

Diurnal Variation in Dissolved Oxygen Measurements During Late Winter Ice-Covered Period in Sleeper's River, Vermont

How the Vermont Agency of Transportation Uses Visualization for Public Communication

Design of a Permeable Reactive Barrier In Situ Remediation System, Vermont Site

Case History - Outfall Pipeline Failure - Burlington, VT

Marine Traffic Management a New Concept in VTS

Streamflow Related to Channel Geometry in Northern New England
Channel geometry measurements can be used to estimate various streamflow characteristics at ungaged stream locations. Channel cross section dimensions and sediment size distributions were...

Estimating Network Model Parameters from Mail Survey Data
Network models are generally based on a four-step modeling process; trip generation, trip distribution, modal split, and trip assignment. Microcomputer implementations of these steps have...

Mining for Building Expansion
Engineers adapted mining techniques to tunnel under a vibration sensitive manufacturing operation to create new working space below. IBM workers needed more working space at their Vermont...

Atlantic Salmon Smolt Movement and Behavior at Vernon Hydroelectric Station
Behavior of emigrating Atlantic salmon smolts (Salmo salar) was studied at New England Power Company's (NEP) Vernon Hydroelectric Station located on the Connecticut River,...

Automated Design Speeds Vermont Project

Design and Installation of Prestressed Rock Anchors for Penstocks at the Sheldon Springs Project
A mini-hydroelectric project producing 25MW of power was recently completed near St. Albans, Vermont. The power conduit conveys water from the intake on the river to a bifurcation and...

DURAPLOT: A Flexible Approach to Hydropower Site Optimization
The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, North Pacific Division Office has over the past six years performed reconnaissance and feasibility level hydropower studies at a variety of sites throughout...





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