Powerful Upgrade
As the northeastern United States moves forward in developing offshore wind energy, marine infrastructure will be required to meet the logistical needs associated with receiving, storing, and preparing...

Catch the Wind
Wind turbines can now produce energy that is cost-competitive with other, more conventional power generation methods. The increased efficiency is due in part to the turbines'...

Hydraulic Design of a Large-Scale Longshore Current Recirculation System

Shaken, Not Stirred: The Recipe for a Fish-Friendly Turbine

A New Fish Friendly Turbine Runner

The Importance of the Point of Operation of a Kaplan Turbine on Fish Survivability

Effects of Hydromodernization on Tailwater Fish Habitats

Wanapum Kaplan Turbine Replacement

Update on Juvenile Fish Bypass at Rocky Reach Dam

Fish Sampling and Monitoring Facility Layout at John Day Dam

Cooling and Uprate Analysis of Hydro Generators

A Digital Synchronizer/Governor

Cavitation Resistant Alloy for Hydroturbine Repair

Short Payback Period of Turbine Control and Monitoring Systems for Low Head Powerstations

Diagnostic Evaluation of Turbine Efficiency Profiles and Data

Old Problems, New Techniques: Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Find the Missing Flow

Test Stand for Micro-Turbines: Design and Implementation Process

Hydraulic Turbine Design: Will CFD Replace Model Testing?

Needs for Sediment Management at Non-Federal Reservoirs

Tazimina Hydroelectric Project: A Case Study in Building a Small Hydroelectric Project in Alaska





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