Understanding Total Suspended Solids Capture in Bioretention

Sediment and Nutrient Monitoring and Modeling in Lake Tahoe Basin, California, U.S.A.
The water quality of Trout Creek, South Lake Tahoe, California is monitored to assess the system's response to stream restoration. It is the principal endeavor to conduct a systematic...

Hydrodynamic modeling for the 1998 Lake Michigan Coastal Turbidity Plume Event

Currently Available Lake Dredging Techniques and the New Demand for Lake Sediments as a Beneficial Resource
Dredging is introduced as an effective lake restoration technique. The various techniques associated with each major category of equipment are explained. It is emphasized that large lake...

Modelling Turbidity Associated with Mining Activity at Elizabeth Bay, Namibia

Cold Climate Solution
To reduce turbidity in sedimentation-basin discharge, Anchorage, Alaska, is experimenting with constructed wetlands to augment storm-water discharge treatment from several storm-drain...

Numerical Modeling of Marine Environmental Changes for the Basic Design of Yongil New Harbor

Alternative Methods in Stormwater Management

Biological Treatment of a Seafood Processing Wastewater

Model of Suspended Solids, Light and SAV

Long-Term Effects of Suspended Solids Loads on Constructed Wetland Performance
Discussion session summary....

Correlation Between Turbidity and Suspended Solids Concentration in a Tidal Saltmarsh Creek

Near Bottom Velocity and Suspended Solids Measurements in San Francisco Bay, California

Winery Wastewater Treatment Efficiency as it Depends on Depth and Distance in a Subsurface Flow Wetland

Turbulence and Stability at Interfaces in Stratified Reservoir for Power Generation

Particle Dynamics in the Sound Between Denmark and Sweden

Numerical Modeling of Turbidity Currents

Shear Dispersion in the Benthic Boundary Layer

The Role of Macroflocs in Estuarine Sediment Dynamics and its Numerical Modeling

Eddy Pump Dredging Demonstration at Cresta Reservoir
A demonstration test of a new environmentally ifiendly slurry dredging technology using the EDDY Pump, a patented vortex slurry pump, was perfbrmed in 1994 at Cresta Reservoir in northern...





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