The Capela Árvore da Vida (Tree of Life Chapel) is a new addition to the Seminário Concillar de Braga (St. James Seminary), part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Braga, Portugal...

The Sea Tree, proposed by the architecture firm Waterstudio.NL, of Rijswijk, the Netherlands, is a floating structure that can be anchored in the harbors of large cities or in rivers, lakes, and other offshore sites...

NewsBriefs: Signals Help Pedestrians and Even Hug Trees (Dvice)

Swedish Hotel Features Mirrored-Glass Tree House

Cypress Tree, Chinese Fan Inspire Designs of Tianjin Structures

NewsBriefs: MIT Architect Envisions Tree House (Discovery News)

NewsBriefs: Researchers Attempt to Domesticate Trees (Purdue University)

NewsBriefs: Trees Used to Treat Contaminated Groundwater (Public Works Journal Corporation)

Fate of TCE in Phytoremediation Systems
The phytoremediation of trichloroethylene (TCE) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) has been developed from a mere concept to full applications over the past decade. However, the...

Small-Diameter Round Timber Connections
An over stocking of trees having diameters less than 20 cm, as measured 1.52 m off the ground presents a major fire hazard to over 54 million acres of National Forest land. Improving the...

Texas City Relies on Tree Canopy to Reduce Runoff

Drip/Micro Irrigation
Drip/micro irrigation (also previously referred to as trickle irrigation) refers to a variety of irrigation methods in which water is delivered directly to small areas adjacent to individual...

Poplar Trees Soak Up Treatment Plant Effluent, Biosolids

Fault Tree Analysis of Bridge Scour

Ice Storms, Trees and Power Lines

Examination of Tree Building and Weight Selection Strategies for a Discrete Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model

Diffusion Model to Study Mangrove Hydrodynamics

Management of Mangrove Forest for Coastal Wetland Restoration

Fault Tree Analysis of Bridge Scour

New Adventures in Bioengineering, Willow Curtains and Willow Poles





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