Walking on Air
Rising from a beach on the southeast coast of the United Kingdom is the 162 m tall British Airways i360, considered the tallest observation tower in the world to feature a movable level as well as the...

A new roadside stop and picnic area located on a sheltered bay near Haveysund, Norway, along a tourist road that borders the Arctic Ocean features a series of circular and semicircular concrete-framed spaces linked by a curving concrete ramp that descends approximately 5 m from the roadway to the beach.

A new, mixed-use development in Beirut (Beyrouth), Lebanon, is designed to high-light the city's role as a focal point of tourism, commerce, and entertainment...

Norwegian Tourist Project Overcomes Harsh Site Conditions in Glacial Region

NewsBriefs: British Tourist Attraction Faces Possible Eviction (BBC News)

California's Beaches – Where the Tourists Are

New Bern Bypass
To alleviate congestion and offer tourists easier access to their destinations, the North Carolina Department of Transportation decided to reroute U.S. Route 17 out of the historic town...

Bringing Back the Beaches: A Return to Basics
California's beaches are among the state's most valuable and most intensively used natural resources. To date, although erosion is occurring in most part of California's coastline, there...

The Economics of Beach Nourishment in Delaware
This study provides a detailed examination of the benefits of Delaware's ongoing nourishment program, and examines the incidence of benefits to those who live within and outside of the...

Light Rail as Planned
The Mission Valley West project, an extension of the San Diego Trolley, runs 6.1 miles between Qualcomm Stadium and the Old Town District. Conceived by the Metropolitan Transit Development...

Planning of Water Supply Under Uncertainty: The Dead Sea Project

Beach Restoration as a National Policy

An Economic Evaluation of Beaches in California

Cruise Ship Terminal No.8 at Port Canaveral

Economic Assessment of Seven Ocean-Dependent Activities

Beyond Whale Watching-the Future of Ecotourism

Economic Value and Impacts on Coastal Zone: The Gold Coast Case Study

Managing Marine Wildlife and Eco-Visitors at Año Nuevo State Reserve

The Quincy Mine Tramway

Transit Ridership Forecasting Using a GIS





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