When Things Became Muddy: TVA's Response to Seepage Discharge at Boone Dam
In October 2014, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) profited from investments in a robust dam safety program. This profit did not come in the form of money, but more importantly in the protection of...

Becoming Greener with Green Sand: An Iron Castings Company Devises an Environmentally Friendly Liner System Reusing Foundry Byproduct
Metalcasting is one of the oldest methods of recycling—humans have a few millennia worth of experience with the technique—but today's industry still battles public preconceptions...

U.S. Army Corps Completes Critical Work on Tennessee Dam

Short Takes: Tennessee, North Carolina Sections Release State Infrastructure Report Cards

People: Jernigan Named Outstanding Engineer by Tennessee Group

Book Review: The 360° Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization by John C. Maxwell. Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2005

Calendar: Bridges 2007
Featured bridges are: Glen Canyon Bridge (AZ); Pont de Pierre (Bordeaux, France); Hernando DeSoto Bridge (TN); Ponte Vasco da Gama (Lisbon, Portugal); Detroit-Superior Bridge (OH); Ohnaruto...

Calendar: Bridges 1996
Featured bridges are: Big Four Railroad Bridge (KY); Germantown Covered Bridge (OH); George Street Bridge (IN); Virgin River Bridge (UT); Bryan Bridge (NE); Brush Creek Bridge (KS); Natchez...

Calendar: A 1987 Calendar of Dams of the United States
Featured dams are: Grand Coulee Dam (CA); Buffalo Bill Dam (WY); Oroville Dam (CA); Norris Dam (TN); Theodore Roosevelt Dam (AR); Hoover Dam (AR & NE); Willow Creek Dam (OR); Flaming...

Book Review: Aesop & the CEO: Powerful Business Insights From Aesop's Ancient Fables by David Noonan. Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2005

Structural Engineering: Nashville Concert Hall Features Unique Acoustic Elements

A New Identity
By repairing and relocating steel trusses, replacing deteriorating approach spans, and replacing what, at the time of its construction, was regarded as a daring concrete truss, engineers...

Institute Programs in Nashville Tailored to Various Interests

Structures: Tennessee Expands Aquarium `to the Sea'

ASCE Designates Tennessee Capitol a Civil Engineering Lankmark

Diverse Presentations Planned for Fourth Joint Symposium on IT in Civil Engineering in Nashville

ASCE Members Contribute to Making Tennessee Engineering Center a Reality

Closing the Gap
In 1944 Congress authorized construction of the Foothills Parkway, a 116 km highway through the Tennessee mountains along the northwestern edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park....

Case History of East Tennessee Karst: Static Stability of Some Shallow Caves

Experimental Approach
One of the best kept secrets during World War II, the K-25 facility in the Cumberland Mountains of East Tennessee prepared uranium for use in nuclear weapons. By 1987, the 13 million sq...





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