History of the Modern Suspension Bridge: Solving the Dilemma between Economy and Stiffness; By Tadaki Kawada. Reston, Virginia: ASCE Press, 2010.

NewsBriefs: Diamond Places Second in Stiffness (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

Tension Stiffening Effect in RC Beams with Steel Fiber

Quality Check
Composite materials, also known as fiber reinforced polymers (FRPs), have traditionally been reserved for aerospace engineering applications because of their high cost. FRPs'...

Towers in Motion (available in Structural Engineering Special Section only)
Undersea towers are typically designed to rigidly resist the forces of water and wind. But one type of tower is designed to be flexible and, rather than rely on its platform strength to...

Application of Emerging Seismic Analysis Techniques and Innovative Concepts to Retrofit an Existing High-Rise Building

Retrofitting of a RC Cooling Tower: From Concrete Modelling to Structural Design

Dynamic Analysis of Lattice Towers

Solid and Sandwich Paving Slabs Containing Coal Combustion Dry Botton Ash

Reliability Analysis of Buried Pipelines

Unit Cell Analysis of 3-D Graphitic Textile-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites

Collapse Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures Including Shear

Bridge Foundation Stiffness Identification Using Static Field Measurements

Bridge Foundation Stiffness Identification Using Dynamic Field Measurements

Practical Design Method for Flexibly Jointed Frames with Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)

Column Economy Considering Stiffening Requirements

Variable Property Devices for Structural Control

Variable Stiffness and Instantaneous Frequency

Reactive Powder Concrete for Bridge Construction

Practice and Performance of Excavation Support Systems in the Chicago Area





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