Fire in the Hole: Emergency Repairs to the Robinson Creek Tunnel
On the eve of April 26, 2014, an arsonist set fire to the CSX Transportation (CSXT) Robinson Creek tunnel. The tunnel is located about 120 mi. southeast of Lexington, near Pikeville, KY. The 742-ft-long...

Stabilizing the Cliffs of Alcatraz Island: It My Be "The Rock," but it Still Needs Attention!
California's Alcatraz Island was described by some early explorers as an unusually lush rock sticking out of the sea. The rock on the island consists of shale and sandstone members of the late Mesozoic-aged...

Shale Scour at BNRR Yellowstone River Bridge, MT

Design of a Deep Cavern Intersected by Weak Shale

Initiation of Debris Flows in Tributaries of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, Arizona

BTEX Biodegradation in Fractured Shale

Measurement of the Undrained Pore Pressure Response of a Shale in Triaxial Tests

Predicting the Mode, Susceptibility, and Rate of Weathering of Shales

In Situ Measurement of Rockfill Properties

Assessing the Strength and Durability Properties of Shales

Exploration and Remediation of U.S. Route 189 Hoover Landslides

Drawdown Stability of a Compacted Shale Rockfill

Load Testing of Permanently Cased Drilled Shafts Founded in Hartford Shale
The axial and lateral load testing of three, 30 inch (76cm) diameter, permanently cased drilled shafts is analyzed herein. The prototype shafts were founded in (or on) Hartford Shale bedrock,...

Distribution and Mobilization of Dissolved Selenium in Ground Water of the Irrigated Grand and Uncompahgre Valleys, Western Colorado
Distribution of dissolved selenium in ground water of the irrigated Grand and Uncompahgre Valleys is affected by the aqueous geochemical environment of the shallow ground-water system...

Selenium in Soil, Water, Sediment, and Biota of the Lower Sun River Area, West-Central Montana
A U.S. Department of the Interior study started in 1990 examined the source, movement, fate, and possible biological effects of selenium associated with irrigation drainage from the Sun...

FE Analysis of Time-Dependent Instability of Cut Slopes in Clay Shale

Dallas Goes Trenchless
Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) has stopped relying solely on traditional open-cut trenching methods. Instead, we look to trenchless technologies to minimize costs and disruption to the public....

A Study of the Impact of the Dumping of Spoil on Beach Processes
The amenity value of beaches along the North East coast of England is reduced because of the continuing practice of dumping colliery spoil directly onto the beaches for dispersal by the...

Rocky Mountain Project Seepage Cutoff in Solutioned Limestone
The right abutment of the main closure dam for the Rocky Mountain Project required extensive treatment of deeply weathered shale and solutioned limestone to assure control of seepage and...

Rocky Mountain Project Conceptual Design of Upper Reservoir
The 9300 acre-foot upper reservoir for the Rocky Mountain Project will be formed by an 80-ft high ring dam with a crest length of 12,800 feet. Sandstone and shale of the Pottsville formation...





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