Construction of Fort Wayne’s Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnel to Begin This Month

Baltimore Will Spend More Than $1 Billion on Additional Sewer Improvements

U.S. EPA Orders New York City to Develop Plan for Reducing Sewer Backups

Thornton Composite Reservoir Greatly Boosts Chicago's CSO Storage Capacity

Massive London Sewer Tunnel Receives Regulatory Approval

2013 OPAL Gala Award Videos
Introductions for ASCE's 2013 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement award finalists along with the acceptance speech of the winner, the Alvarado Water Treatment Plant....

San Antonio Consent Decree Focuses on Sewer Inspections, Improvements

New York City Explores 'Green' Infrastructure Approaches to Reduce Sewer Overflows

New York City Looks to 'Green' Infrastructure to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows

Chattanooga Adopts $250-Million Plan to Reduce Sewer Overflows

Cleveland Sewer District Enters $3-Billion Consent Decree with Federal Government

Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer Features Buoyant Pipeline

St. Louis MSD to Spend $4.7 Billion Over 23 Years to Reduce Sewer Overflows

Existing Sewer Evaluation and Rehabilitation
Fully revised and updated, this authoritative volume offers the most comprehensive information available on maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement of existing sewers. This...

Cleaning and Inspection
This chapter discusses the cleaning and inspection of culverts and storm sewers....

Safety Considerations
This chapter discusses the main hazards associated with the inspection and renewal activities for culverts and storm sewers....

Evaluation and Condition Assessment
To determine whether a culvert or storm sewer needs to be renewed, an inspection needs to be conducted and the findings recorded. The first step in such a program is to establish a standard...

Renewal Methods
This chapter presents an overview of different methods that can be used for culvert and storm sewer renewal. For each method, product main characteristics, method description, construction...

Kansas City Submits $2.4 – Billion Sewer Overflow Control Plan

2008 Civil Engineering Industry Buyer' Guide
A Special Supplement to Civil Engineering Magazine
This guide covers the following topics: Construction materials; Geotechnical and environmental; Information technology; Pipelines, sewers, and accessories; Professional and professional...





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