Deep Wastewater Injection Triggers Earthquakes, Researchers Find
Researchers use radar satellite data to discover what is triggering certain earthquakes....

Civil Engineers Asked to Contribute to Satellite Mission to Map Earth’s Surface Water

NewsBriefs: DOD Seeks to Repurpose Satellite Components (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

Best Methods for High Accuracy Real Time GNSS Positioning from a Single Reference Station

NewsBriefs: Engineers Prove 'Levitated' Satellite Orbit Possible (University of Strathclyde and Popular Science)

NewsBriefs: Satellite Maps Gravitational Pull Around the World (BBC & European Space Agency)

NewsBriefs: Satellite to Measure Earth's Groundwater Levels

Evaluation of Satellite-Based Impervious Surface Data for the Mid-Atlantic Region Using an Independently Collected, High-Resolution Validation Database
Satellite-based estimates of impervious surfaces are being produced for the entire United States as part of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) Landsat-based National Land Cover Database...

NewsBriefs: Scientists Concerned Over Lack of Funding for Satellites (CNN)

Structures: NOAA Breaks Ground for New Satellite Center

Wastewater: Greater Demand for Reuse Underlies Trend toward Satellite Treatment

Geophysics: Satellite Monitoring Enhances Landslides Prediction

Technology: New Satellite Maps Pinpoint Storm-Water Runoff

A Better Image
As new sources of satellite and aerial data emerge, and as imagery processing software becomes cheaper and easier to use, engineers are tapping remote sensing data's potential...

Long-Term Streamflow Forecasting
(No paper) Technology is creating major impacts on water management decisions dynamics. Today emerging technologies, such as satellite rely of hydrological and meteorological data, improvement...

Measurement of Wave Period from Radar Altimeters

SMART-800: A GPS Based Directional Wave Buoy

Wave Climate Parameterization of the Distribution of Maximum Wave Heights and Crest Elevations

Measuring Winds and Waves Using Altimeters

Comparison of ERS-1 SAR and Altimeter Wave Heights





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