The New Reality
Virtual reality, augmented reality, design automation, and robotic construction are poised to revolutionize the way engineers design, construct, and monitor infrastructure projects....

The Ups and Downs of Drone Inspections
Minnesota recently completed a trial using unmanned aircraft systems to inspect bridges. They found that the drones have their advantages—and disadvantages....

Bridge Inspections Come of Age
Arising from the tragic collapse of a West Virginia bridge 50 years ago this month, the National Bridge Inspection Program has helped keep bridges in the United States safe for motorists for decades. The...

The Rise of UAVs Signals a New Era in Geotechnics
Big Data in Geotechnics is Coming from Above
If you have been following the news, browsing the internet, or even gazing up in the sky, it is likely that you have seen an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), also commonly known as Unmanned Aircraft System...

Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance Using Digital Imagery
A Bird's-Eye View
Over the last decade, remote sensing has played an increasing role in geotechnical earthquake reconnaissance through the use of satellite imagery, LIDAR, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These techniques...

Engineering, Design and Construction of Lunar Bases
How do we begin to expand our civilization to the Moon? What are the technical issues that infrastructural engineers, in particular, must address? This paper has the goal of introducing...

Installation of Fiber Optic Cables in Sewers Using a CIPP Process
Although using sewers as an avenue for the installation of Fiber Optic Cabling is a relatively new concept, there have been several major technological advances in the installation process...

Construction Robots
The Search for New Building Technology in Japan
This book presents Japan's achievements in the development and application of over 100 construction robots and five automated systems. The Japanese have progressed far beyond...

The Use of Submersible Remotely Operated Vehicles for the Inspection of Water-Filled Pipelines and Tunnels

The Resonance Drives with Adaptive Control

On-Line Motion Planning for the Three-Link Revolute Arm in an Unknown Three-Dimensional Environment

Motion Planning of a Robotic Arm on a Wheeled Vehicle on a Rugged Terrain

Incorporating Terrain Uncertainties in Autonomous Vehicle Path Planning

Strategies for Searching an Area with Semi-Autonomous Mobile Robots

Visual Mosaicking of the Ocean Floor and its Relation to Three-Dimensional Occlusions

Alternative Scenarios for Military Deployment of Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Telerobotic Servicing with Virtual Reality Calibration and Semi-Automatic Intermittent Model Updates

An Interactive Operator Interface for Task-Level Direction of a Robot in Uncertain Environments

Control of Construction Robots using Camera-Space Manipulation

Real Time Positioning and Equipment Control for Hostile Environments





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