Lessons amid the Rubble: An Introduction to Post-Disaster Engineering and Ethics By Sarah K. Pfatteicher. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 2010.

Breakwaters '99
First International Symposium on Monitoring of Breakwaters
The papers present state-of-art methods and technologies that are used in the structural and environmental monitoring of rubble mound breakwaters. Structural monitoring concerns the structural...

Applications of Multibeam Echo Sounding with Topographic Mapping for Monitoring of Rubble Mound Breakwaters
Analysis of data from the breakwater monitoring program indicates the integration of multibeam survey capability with the increased accuracy of OTF DGPS positioning and advanced data management...

Banking on Bioengineering
Geoenvironmental engineers have traditionally used riprap to protect streambanks and river banks from erosion. In recent years, however, river regulators, permitting agencies, and county...

Sandstone Materials Used as Riprap

The Study of Riprap as Scour Protection for Bridge Abutments

Sizing Loose Dumped Rock Riprap: A Probability-Based Approach

Failure Behavior of Riprap Layer Around Bridge Piers

Pier Riprap Protection

Alternative Scour Countermeasures

Scour Protection in Bottomless Culverts

Design of Guide Banks for Bridge Abutment Protection

Rock Riprap for Grade Control

Ice Effects on Riprap: Model Tests

Runup of Wind Waves on Riprap

Equivalencing Rock Riprap and Gabions for Stream Channel Protection

Riprap Coverage Around Bridge Piers

Alternatives to Riprap as a Scour Countermeasure

Design Riprap to Protect Scour Around Circular Piers

Corps of Engineers Riprap Design for Bank Stabilization





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