Application of Multibeam Echo Sounding and Side Scan Sonar for Mapping of Shoreline Protection Revetments
The use of multibeam survey methodology coupled with high precision positioning systems for the mapping of shoreline protection features and the adjacent offshore areas allows development...

Cable-Tied Blocks for Scour Protection at Bridge Piers

The Armoring of California's Coast

A Study of Plunging Wave Impact Pressures on Placed Block Revetments

Effects of Onshore Winds on Velocity of Wave Runup

The Effect of Foreland on Wave Climate Changes

Irregular Wave Transformation and Undertow for Coastal Structures in a Surf Zone

Field Measurements of Wave Overtopping on Seawall Covered with Armor Units

Nontraditional Erosion Control Projects Constructed on the Missouri River

Rootwad Bank Stabilization of the Middle Rio Grande

Aesthetics of Controlling Erosion in Open Channels

The Geomorphic Influence of Bank Revetment on Channel Migration: Upper Sacramento River, Miles 218-206

Coastal Engineering Aspects of the Pier 400 Dredging and Landfill Project at Los Angeles Harbor, California

Red River Waterway Project: General Design

Computer Aided Design of Riprap Revetments

Fraser Lands Riverfront Park Shoreline Edge Treatments

OTF Kinematic GPS Positioning for Vertical Reference Datum

Revere Beach and Point of Pines, Massachusetts, Shore Front Study
This paper describes a study conducted by the Coastal Engineering Research Center (CERC) to determine the degree of storm protection provided by an existing coarse beach fill at Revere...

Flow Impingement Velocities, Snake River, Wyoming

Examples of the Coast Environment Improvement Works at Fishing Port Areas in Japan





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