Where Geosynthetics Meet Mining Geotechnics: Part of the Mining Engineer's Toolbox
From enhancing stability to providing environmental containment, geosynthetic materials play an important role in mining projects and geotechnics in general. While often overlooked, advancements in geosynthetic...

Capping a Lagoon
A novel approach was taken to cost-effectively close a 4.86 ha unlined industrial wastewater sludge lagoon in North Carolina and reduce leachate production. A floating geosynthetic cover system gave crews...

Tailings Impoundment Closure: It's All in the Eye of the Beholder
Since the early 1900s, the mining and power-generation industries have disposed of tailings and other waste products using impoundments. The term "tailings" typically refers to the fine-grained waste product...

Stormwater Measures Designed to Safeguard California Tailings Dam

Long-Term Performance Monitoring of a Hillside Retaining Wall
To accommodate expansion of the West Point Treatment Plant in Seattle, WA, a 3,000-ft-long soldier pile, tieback-anchored retaining wall was constructed from May 1991 to May 1992. An oblique...

Thornton Composite Reservoir Greatly Boosts Chicago's CSO Storage Capacity

Geotextile Tube Dewatering
Geotextile tubes are made of high-strength, permeable geotextile that, when filled with a slurry, allow water to drain from the tubes while retaining the solids. They can be prefabricated...

The Geotechnics of Converting Waste Sites to Renewable Energy Sites

Estimating Representative Geotechnical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

NewsBriefs: Microsoft to Run Pilot Center on Biogas (Waste Business Journal)

Haste Makes Waste

House Passes Bill to Authorize State Permitting Programs for Coal Ash Facilities

NewsBriefs: EPA Adds a Dozen Superfund Sites (MSNBC.com)

NewsBrief: Amount of Municipal Solid Waste Expected to Increase Significantly (Waste Business Journal)

A Vision for Urban Water and Wastewater Management in 2050

NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Compactors Reduce Cities' Trash Collection Costs (Chicago Sun-Times)

NewsBriefs: China Takes the Lead as World's Largest Energy Consumer (Waste Business Journal)

Geotechnical Characterization Field Measurement, and Laboratory Testing of Municipal Solid Waste

DC Water Awards Design/Build Contract For Biosolids Upgrades At Blue Plains

NewsBriefs: Wastewater Treatment Plants Fail to Remove Chemicals Toxic to Fish (Chemical & Engineering News)





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