Study: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Do Most Harm to Low-Emitting Nations

Improving Cost and Schedule Performance on Municipal Pipeline Projects: Realizing the Benefits of the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Alternative Project Delivery Method
The water and wastewater infrastructure in the United States is failing. In its 2013 Report Card on American Infrastructure, ASCE stated: "The water and wastewater...

Innovative Use of a Groin Structure: Saving Cost, Shortening the Schedule, and Minimizing Impacts
Almost any type of construction activity can pose a shock to the surrounding environment and habitat. Obviously, the extent of the impact will depend on the location of the project and...

Colorado Pollution Spill Prompts Congress to Reexamine Abandoned Mine Lands

The Brown Agenda: My Mission to Clean Up the World's Most Life-Threatening Pollution, By Richard Fuller. Solana Beach, California: Santa Monica Press, 2015

Buried Streams Export More Nitrate Than Do Open Streams, Study Finds

Becoming Greener with Green Sand: An Iron Castings Company Devises an Environmentally Friendly Liner System Reusing Foundry Byproduct
Metalcasting is one of the oldest methods of recycling—humans have a few millennia worth of experience with the technique—but today's industry still battles public preconceptions...

Paris Airport Constructs Wetlands Solution to Winter Pollutants

Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity of Partially Saturated Soils
Increased interest in protection of the environment has led to a need to be able to predict long-term movement of moisture, and contaminants, in the vicinity of shallow land disposal sites...

Senate Bill Aims to Prevent Chemical Contamination of Surface Water

Titanium Manufacturer Enters Consent Decree Addressing Alleged PCB Contamination

Transbay Transit Center: Innovations in Automated Monitoring
The new Transbay Transit Center will include a multimodal terminal serving 11 transit systems and future high-speed rail from San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim. This is an ambitious,...

Identification of a Class of Nonlinear Dynamic System

The Geoengineering of Contaminated Sediments

EPA Selects Dredging and Capping to Address Contamination in New York's Grasse River

Groundwater Contamination to Cost Billions, Persist for Decades, NRC Says

Dredging of Contaminated Sediment in New Jersey's Passaic River to Begin

Buffalo River Dredging Will Remove Contamination, Facilitate Remediation

NewsBriefs: EPA May Modify Air Pollution Rule For Boilers (Waste Business Journal)

NewsBriefs: Light Pollution Overwhelms Wildlife's Navigational Abilities





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