Evaluation of Thermocoax Piezoelectric Weight-in-Motion Sensors
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a CERF Innovation Center. This report describes a program of installation,...

Evaluation of Measurement Specialties, Inc. Piezoelectric Weigh-In-Motion Sensors
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a CERF Innovation Center. This report describes a program of installation,...

Inaccuracy in Closed Form Piezoceramic Actuator Models

Piezoelectric Sensors and Resonators in Quartz

Saint-Venant's Principle for Linear Piezoelectric Porous Materials

Diffraction of an Antiplane Shear Wave by a Finite Crack in an Orthotropic Piezoelectric Ceramic

Simulation of Elastic Wave Propagation in a Composite Piezoelectric/Metallic Medium Using Finite Elements

Planar Dynamics of Finite Piezoelectric Laminates: Exact and Discrete-Layer Solutions

Nonlinear Formulations of Laminated Plates with Piezoelectric Laminae

Free Vibrations of Piezoelectric Crystals: Application to the Determination of Elastic and Piezoelectric Constants

Effect of Temperature on Accurate Interpretation of Data from Piezoelectric Sensors

Micromechanical Modeling of Electromagnetic Composite of Piezoelectric and Piezomagnetic Phases

A Piezoelectric Sediment Density Probe

Thermoelastic Theory of Cylindrical Sandwich Shells with Piezoelectric Sensors or Actuators
Cylindrical sandwich shells with piezoelectric longitudinal and ring elements bonded to the outer and inner surfaces are considered in this paper. Thermal effects are included in the analysis,...

Thermal Stresses in Piezoelectric Materials: A Boundary Integral Formulation
With the increasing use of piezoelectric materials in electromechanical devices which are often required to function in thermally hostile environment, thermal stresses and their influence...

The Use of Piezoelectric Film in Cavitation Research
A research program was conducted at the St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory to investigate impulse pressures caused by the collapse of transient cavitation bubbles. The impulse pressures...

Laser Interferometric Characterization of Acoustic Emission Transducers
The characterization of the exact response of commercially available, piezoelectric and thin film, acoustic emission transducers is of fundamental importance for the nondestructive evaluation...

Active Control of Flexural Vibrations in Beams
The feasibility of using piezoelectric actuators to control the flexural oscillations of large structures in space is investigated. Flexural oscillations are excited by implusive loads...

Lab Measurements of Gmax Using Bender Elements
This paper describes in detail the installation and use of piezoceramic bender elements in a variety of standard geotechnical laboratory testing equipment at NGI (e. g. , triaxial, direct...

Dual Channel Stream Monitor
Monitor is ultrasonic instrument developed to monitor water surface and stream bed profiles simultaneously under dynamic conditions in alluvial channel, and was developed as laboratory...





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