Sinkhole Investigation and Grouting: Novel Recommendations for a Pipeline Right-of-Way
In 2009, numerous sinkholes developed within and adjacent to a 400-ft-long section of high-pressure, petroleum pipeline right-of-way that crosses under a local creek in Plymouth Meeting,...

Numerical Modeling Applications in Offshore Petroleum Developments

Prime Movers of Globalization: The History and Impact of Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines By Vaclav Smil. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2010.

This chapter examines the types and sizes of equipment required to drill grout holes, proportion and mix grout materials, and deliver and inject grout into the holes in an underground...

NewsBriefs: DOE to Resume Filling Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Apex Oil Must Help Remediate Major Petroleum Contamination in Illinois

Book Review Plows, Plagues & Petroleum: How Humans Took Control of Climate by William F. Ruddiman. Princeton New Jersey: Princeton University Press 2007/N

Optimal Resource Allocation for the Cleanup of Petroleum Contaminated Sites
Site rehabilitation is conducted in many states using a risk-based corrective action process wherein alternative remedial actions are evaluated and implemented, depending on the level...

NewsBriefs: Gulf Petroleum Platforms Yet To Be Inspected (Associated Press)

NewsBriefs: Diesel Fuel Emissions from West Coast Ports Linked to Cancer

NewsBriefs: EPA Grants $1.6 Million For Diesel Engine Retrofits (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Past and Future of Construction Equipment—Part IV
The development of construction equipment has followed the major changes in global transportation. In 1420, Giovanni Fontana was dreaming of and diagramming dredging machines. Development...

New Trans-Alaska Pipeline Earthquake Monitoring System

Structural Challenges in Deepwater Oil Production

Design and Construction of a Jet-Grouted Barrier Wall

Flushing of Ethylbenzene-Contaminated Clayey Soil Using Tergitol

The Role of the Construction Engineer in the Design of Temporary Structures for Construction in the Power Generation, Process, and Petrochemical Industries

Risk Based Corrective Action: An Application to Closure of a Fuel Oil Bunker Site

Evaluation of Biodegradability of a Petroleum Refinery Wastewater by Respirometry

Performance of Petroleum Storage Tanks During Earthquakes 1933–1995





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